Whole Cakes

Patisserie G offers a range of bespoke creations to suit every event or need. All Retail Whole Cakes and Customized Cakes are made to order.


Retail Whole Cakes

Notes On Retail Whole Cakes

  1. Whole cake orders should be placed 2 days in advance, by phone 6338 7375 or by e-mail contact@patisserieG.com
  2. Orders for cake sizes 26cm and above should be placed at least 1 week in advance.
  3. In general, 18cm Cakes are suitable for up to 12 persons; 22cm Cakes for up to 16 persons
  4. Urgent orders may be possible, subject to availability. 

Customized Cakes

We offer customized cake and gifting services for a variety of events and occasions.

Please e-mail us your requirements at Contact@PatisserieG.com for a quotation.